Deadly protest after Peru's president impeached

Protesters faced off with riot police, trading rocks, fireworks, and tear gas in a heated exchange.

Thousands of Peruvians have staged some of the country's largest protests in decades - mostly peaceful but some marred by clashes - since the Congress voted last Monday (November 9) to remove Martin Vizcarra as president over bribery allegations, which he denies.

Earlier, Prime Minister Antero Flores-Araoz told reporters that lockdown was responsible for the large number of protesters in Lima.

"There are many people who are frustrated, who have spent a lot of time confined in their homes," he said.

Vizcarra is a politically unaffiliated centrist who is popular with Peruvians. He oversaw an anti-graft campaign that led to frequent clashes with Congress in a country that has a history of political upheaval and corruption.

He is yet to be found guilty of the corruption charges brought against him during the impeachment hearing prior to his ouster.