Deadly House Explosion Rocks Pottstown, Pennsylvania

At least four people were killed when a home exploded in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, on the evening of May 26, according to local officials.

In a short press conference, Pottstown Borough Manager Justin Keller said multiple people were injured and at least two additional people remained unaccounted for.

This footage, filmed by Jocelyn Allford, shows residents gathered around the wreckage, as emergency workers sift through the rubble. Debris from the explosion can be seen strewn across the road.

It was unclear what caused the explosion. Credit: Jocelyn Allford via Storyful

Video transcript

- Crazy.

- We don't know. They--

- I heard it from over there.


- Look, it's stuff all on this car right here.

- Look, its insulation.

- Insulation from their house all on this car. God, I hope, pray to God that whoever was in that house is OK.

- But if it's withing, it went off in one house and--

- No firefighters.

- They said officers--

- Wow.

- One was completely gone. They said it was three houses.

- Three houses? Oh, my--

- As a matter of fact, they-- I'm going off of rumors.

- Yeah.

- So, this word of mouth.

- That's crazy.

- Look how far it went over to their car, everything. That's on my--

- Yeah, yeah.

- --we got out like that.

- 'Cause they got insulation on all these cars from the houses. Whole houses blew up.

- They out here sleeping.

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