Deadly Fairview Fire Spreads in California's Riverside County

The deadly Fairview Fire burning in Riverside County, California, reached about 19,000 acres and was five percent contained on Thursday, September 8, according to Cal Fire.

Footage posted to Twitter by user @brianhund shows the fire burning as smoke billows into the air, water being dropped on the fire and debris from the fire.

Evacuation orders remained in place on September 8 for the fire, which has killed at least two people and destroyed several structures. Credit: @brianhund via Storyful

Video transcript

BRIAN HUND: I can see him throw some fire trucks down the line.

This is the Fairview Fire. And presently, you are looking at Cactus Valley. Down there somewhere is a Baptist retreat center. We don't know if it survived.

I don't know if there's a thin little line that you can kind of see in your middle of the screen there. That was one of the original fire lines, but it has jumped the Phos-Chek. And as you can see now, the entire valley below is ablaze.


It looks like the Phos-Chek hit the mailboxes.