Deadly Afghan car bombing targets lawmaker

A car bomb targeting an Afghan lawmaker killed at least nine people in Kabul, officials said on Sunday (December 20).

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the blast, which lawmaker Khan Mohammad Wardak was reported to have survived, but it comes amid a sharp rise in violence in recent weeks as the Afghan government and Taliban hold talks to find an end to the country's almost 20-year-long war.

Interior minister Massoud Andarabi said Wardak has survived the blast, but was among 20 - including women and children - who were injured.

It is unclear if the bomb was in a vehicle parked along the lawmaker's route or driven by the bomber.

Separate bombings were also reported on Sunday in several other provinces in which civilians and members of the security forces were killed.

On Friday (December 18), a suspected rickshaw bomb blast killed at least 15 civilians, including 11 children, in central Ghazni province.