Davina McCall says she’s had ‘several’ orgasms ‘in my sleep’

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Davina McCall has spoken about her experience of having orgasms while sleeping.

During the latest episode of Making the Cut, the podcast McCall hosts with her boyfriend Michael Douglas, the presenter mentioned actor Mika Simmons’ new book about women’s health, titled The Happy Vagina.

While discusssing the book, which covers “everything about women and their vaginas and fertility”, McCall explained that there’s “quite a lot about sex [and the] types of orgasm”.

“Clitoral, G-spot, A-spot, U-spot, V-spot, vaginal, cervical, sleep-gasm,” the TV presenter said, rattling off examples of orgasms when Douglas asked whether there was more than one kind.

“I’ve had an orgasm in my sleep,” McCall admitted. “Several. It’s great.”

She also referenced sections in the book about “core-gasms” or orgasms which occur from performing physical activity “like ab exercises”.

Simmons is the host of the podcast The Happy Vagina, and started the Lady Garden foundation to raise awareness about gynaecological cancers in 2013.

McCall has previously written about her experiences with menopause in Menopausing, in which she encouraged people to challenge stereotypes associated with it.

Appearing on BBC’s The One Show to promote her book last October, McCall said her Douglas, who is a hairdresser, had made an effort to learn about how menopause changes hair.

“We want men on board so badly,” she told presenter Jermaine Jenas. “[My partner] is in the book, he’s talking about how best to deal with menopausal hair. He learnt a lot about it so he can help his clients and understand me better.

“I can’t tell you how much that means when the person you care about makes an effort to learn about something that is happening to you, so that they can sympathise with you and understand it,” she added.