David and Victoria Beckham Can't Keep Their Hands off Each Other in a Throwback Video

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From Harper's BAZAAR

  • In a sweet throwback video posted on fashion designer Victoria Beckham's Instagram, David Beckham explains the reason he fell in love with her.
  • During the PDA-filled clip, David says that the former Spice Girls member is "the whole package."
  • The two have been married for 20 years and share four children together: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Beckham.

In a world teeming with disappointing Tinder dates and shitty ex-boyfriends, there is a beacon of hope. That shining light is the undeniable love between David and Victoria Beckham, who share 20 strong years of marriage and four children together. If those stats don't impress you, then maybe this throwback video from their early days as a couple will.

Posted to Instagram, the video reveals a casual interview between Victoria and David. It begins with her asking the soccer player when he first realized he was really famous. "Straight away," he responds bluntly, making her laugh.

"It was when he first started going out with me, I think, actually," Victoria adds, speaking at the camera. Seconds later, Victoria laughs hysterically while reaching out to hug her future husband.

An off-camera interviewer then asks David what made him fall in love with the then-Spice Girl. "I couldn't put my finger on one thing," he replies. "It was everything, the whole package. I just fell in love with it."

"With it?" Victoria teases back. David doesn't miss a beat, replying, "Yeah, with you, darling, sorry."

Near the end of the video, David tells Victoria that he's ready to wrap up, prompting her to look directly at the camera in a damning Office-esque moment. "Am I boring?" she asks him. "No darling, you're brilliant," he reassures her. "But I'm tired."

They reach for each other for yet another tight embrace, and kissing noises can be heard as David burrows his head into her shoulder. Cheekily, Victoria says, "He's very sexy, isn't he? You're better looking than Valentino, babe."

The former pro athlete commented on the throwback video, "I think this might have been my boy band stage 🤔 why did U let me wear this @victoriabeckham 😂"?

Photo credit: Dave Benett - Getty Images

The couple tied the knot in 1999, with their first son, Brooklyn, serving as the ring bearer. They later welcomed two more sons, Romeo and Cruz, and a daughter, Harper.

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