David Duchovny Actually Taught King Charles The Meaning Of 'Booty Call'

Actor David Duchovny is, of course, best known for “The X Files,” but he has admittedly dabbled in the “sex files” ― with King Charles, no less.

In fact, Duchovny told “The View” on Monday that he once gave Charles some important sex education back when he was a Prince.

The topic came up after a segment where the show’s co-hosts discussed a video of Prince William dancing with his kids at a Taylor Swift concert.

When Duchovny showed up for his guest spot, co-host Sara Haines noted that he had attended a concert with Charles back in the 1990s and wondered if William’s dance steps were “hand-me-down moves.”

Duchovny then related an anecdote that didn’t answer Haines’ question, but was better anyway.

The actor said he attended the Princess Trust Concert in 1997 as a guest of the Prince.

At one point, a song called “Bootie Call” by All Saints was playing, and Charles was confused as to the song’s meaning.

“Charles was kind of looking perplexed, and he was, like, ‘booty call’?” Duchovny recalled. “And I said, ‘I can explain it to you if you would like.’ You know, and said, ‘It’s when a man or woman calls another man or woman usually late at night, for the purpose of spending time and then leaving.’”

Duchovny never forgot Charles’ reaction.

“He’s, like, ‘Well, I’ve learned something today.’”

You can see the segment below.