Daughter's horror as shopping trip ends her father's life

STORY: "I want to forget the picture. The last picture (when) I saw him..."

This is the image that Yana Bachek says she would rather never see again.

Crouched on the ground next to her father's dead body, inconsolable.

Victor Gubarev had stepped out to buy bread when he was killed by a fragment from a shell in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Minutes later, Yana arrived to find an ambulance crew standing over his body.

"My daughter is happy because she will remember him like he used to be, in his normal life. Even in war, he tried to smile, to joke, to support us. He said [to] us you are my brave girls. You are heroes."

Yana, an English teacher, had been preparing a lesson at home near her parents' apartment when shelling started.

By the time she made it outside, emergency services and photographers had arrived.

Yana later told her father's friends of his death, but she says there won't be an opportunity for final goodbyes.

"Normally for a funeral all friends come, but there was no funeral. We can't invite his friends."

Russia denies targeting civilians and committing atrocities during what it calls its special operation in Ukraine.

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