Daughter reveals stark contrast between her parents’ homes: ‘Complete opposites’

A daughter has gone viral for sharing a video showing the amusing differences between her mother’s and father’s houses.

TikTok user Shania (@throwdatbackfool) received 5.5 million views on a video this week after she filmed her father’s living situation compared to her mother. The clip sparked a debate in the comments, as many users wondered why her mom’s home was so much nicer than her dad’s.

“The difference in my parents house,” she wrote over the TikTok video, along with the caption: “Ya complete opposites.”

In the video, she began by filming a man sitting on a bed in a cluttered room, while the TV across from the bed stood on the floor. Next, she showed a small kitchen with bottles of beer on the counter next to the refrigerator.

Shania then shared footage of her mom’s house, beginning with the black and white marble entryway, which was decorated with black and white paintings on the wall. In the kitchen, the flooring was made of black and white marble, along with white counters and countertops. Upstairs, viewers also could catch a glimpse at the in-ground pool located in the backyard.

The viral video sparked much conversation in the comments, with many TikTok users assuming that her mother had divorced her father and “took all his money” in court.

“That’s why prenup is important, guys,” said one person.

“Mom took all his money,” another user said.

“We know who got everything in the divorce,” a third person commented.

However, many people defended the mother by saying that she could’ve made her money entirely on her own.

“Ya sayin he should’ve gotten a prenup as if mom couldn’t have been the one with money to begin,” wrote one person.

“Y’all are some woman haters … her mum is successful and that’s that,” another commented.

In the replies, revealed that her mother is actually a single mom who’s never been married and "did [this] herself lol". She added that her mom “works hard...my dad just vibes...he dgaf (don’t give a f***).”

A mother of five recently went viral on TikTok when she filmed herself cleaning her entire house, accusing her soon-to-be ex-husband of “inattentive parenting” and failing to clean their home while she was at work.

“I’d like to pretend I’m not the only person who cleans, but as you can see,” she wrote over a clip of a cluttered living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. The mother also filmed herself making the bed and cleaning the floor of a bedroom. “These rooms don’t get much attention when I’m not here,” she continued. “Especially the kitchen counters.”

She explained that her soon-to-be-ex didn’t usually pitch in when it came to cleaning the house, and used his school as an “excuse” for not looking after the children when he was home.

“Every single day after I’ve gotten home from work, I’ve been met with one disaster or another caused by inattentive parenting,” she wrote. “Shampoo on the carpets in the girls’ room. Nail polish all over Nugget covers, hair and carpet.”

The video received more than seven million views, with users expressing their support for the mom. “All I’m gonna say is I’m proud of you Mama,” one wrote. “I’m going through the same thing and it’s hard for me to even clean … hugs.”

“Being a single parent while married is the worst,” another added. “I’m glad you’re changing that for yourself and the kids.”