Daughter Delights as Muppets Show Up in Parents' Wedding Video

A young woman discovered how deeply goofy her parents’ wedding videographer was when she watched footage of their wedding for the first time on the couple’s 25th anniversary and saw reaction shots from the Muppets spliced in.

Molly Knapp, who recorded this footage in Randolph, New Jersey, on October 9, said it was her first time watching the tape of the wedding.

“They definitely didn’t ask the videographer to put it in, but they did ask for other silly stuff like credits for ‘underwater photography’,” Knapp said.

The shots from Miss Piggy and Kermit’s wedding weren’t the only random clips in the video, Knapp said.

“Footage from many Disney films, like the genie from Aladdin during the best man’s speech, Beauty and the Beast during their first dance, and Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck dancing during the reception” were all included, she said.

Knapp said her parents were not expecting it, but they “were so tickled by it and it all worked out!” Credit: Molly Knapp via Storyful