Dato Seri Vida’s teen daughter earns praise for debut single on abusive past

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Step aside Queen Bey, there’s a new diva in town and she’s about to take Malaysia by storm.

We’re talking about Cik B, who is the daughter of the social media sensation and cosmetics millionaire Hasmiza Othman, and whose music video for debut single Tolonglah (Please help) raked in nearly 800,000 views on YouTube in just two days.

The teenage singer and rapper, whose real name is Nur Edlynn Zamileen Muhammad Amin, was filmed in the video opening up about her abusive childhood and experience with domestic violence. In one scene, the 15-year-old was spitting bars next to a man who was about to beat up a woman while a child looked on.

“Please help me get out of this nightmare,” part of her lyrics went. The song was written by her and her mother.

The usually bare-faced teen also went through a makeover for the music video, donning thick makeup and pulling off hair braids. The clip went up on the Seventeen Eleven music channel and has since drawn widespread praise.

“Finally found my favourite song!” a viewer named Min Seojun wrote in the comments. “This song says what I’ve been feeling for a long time.”

“I’m crying Cik B. You are so talented,” another named Niena Idayu said.

Cik B is no stranger to the celebrity world and has appeared on her mother’s social media accounts in the past. Her mother, famously known as Dato Seri Vida, is the entrepreneur behind whitening products Qu Puteh, which were very popular before they were pulled from shelves for containing harmful ingredients but are still available online.

The daughter’s musical direction is also world’s apart from Vida’s, who in 2017 released a cringe-worthy, pink-overload music video for the song I Am Me, where the 49-year-old calls herself “fun,” “pretty,” “beautiful,” and a “queen.” Cik B, however, is less self-absorbed than her mother, it seems.

She told the press yesterday that Tolonglah is inspired by personal issues including her experience with abuse in the hands of her helper when she was young.

“This song is about my life, from when I was young until now,” she said. “I was abused by my helper, had family problems, and have my own issues.”

She also acknowledged that she was born with a silver spoon, but that didn’t mean life was easy.

“People think my life is great, they don’t believe I’ve had any problems,” she said. “Of course, I was born into privilege, but I’ve personal struggles too. I’m not like other rich kids.”

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