Dark and Darker players aren't happy about the cheat packages floating around Discord

 Four adventurers journey into a dim dungeon
Four adventurers journey into a dim dungeon

A Dark and Darker player has reportedly been asked to join a cheat server via Discord, and other players aren't happy about it.

As spotted in the Dark and Darker subreddit, one player has been approached by an anonymous Discord user and asked if they want to join their server which offers a cheat package for the game in exchange for $10 in real-world currency. According to the message, the package will give the player Chams, Noclip cheats, and the ability to disconnect other players.

Understandably, other players aren't thrilled that this kind of service is floating around online - especially since it brings real-world money into the equation. In fact, the top comment below the post encourages the original poster to "send it to the devs, so they will know about it."

A bigger conversation around RMT (real money trade) in games also broke out in the comments, with some saying it's not something to worry about and others saying the system should be stopped altogether. The worry from fans here is that Dark and Darker - which is still in the playtesting phase - could be ruined by hackers and RMT. Here's hoping developer Ironmace is aware of this activity and is working on a way to reduce its effect on the game.

Last month it was reported that Dark and Darker devs could face legal action following allegations that they stole assets from their previous employer. More recently, the developer reassured fans via Discord explaining that the police did pay the studio a visit but that "it was a quick process, and nothing was found." Ironmace also said that "there will be no delay in development, and there is nothing to worry about."

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