Daredevil #12 pits Matt Murdock and Elektra against each other in bloodthirsty combat

 Daredevil #12 teaser image
Daredevil #12 teaser image

Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto are closing in on the conclusion of their nearly five year long stint as the main creative team on Marvel's Daredevil ongoing title, having previously announced their impending departure later this year. And now they're teasing one last major moment before their run ends.

Before Zdarsky and Checcetto say goodbye to Matt Murdock and his supporting cast, they've got at least one more big blowout fight planned - and not the one with Frank Castle that's been brewing for some time.

Here's the brand new teaser, which foreshadows "the beginning of the end," in what Marvel Comics is calling "a heart-wrenching showdown":

Daredevil #12 teaser image
Daredevil #12 teaser image

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Almost as long as Matt Murdock and Elektra have been sharing the Daredevil name as husband and wife and co-leaders of The Fist, Elektra has been harboring a dark secret drawn from the prophetical pages of the Book of the Fist: at some point, she and Matt Murdock will have to fight for control of The Fist, with only one of them left standing.

Now, as Zdarsky and Checchetto are wrapping up their time on Daredevil, they're about to confront the lingering secret that could tear Matt Murdock and Elektra apart, or possibly even leave one of them dead (again).

More likely, either Matt Murdock or Elektra will lose the title of Daredevil, an identity they've shared for some time now, since Matt Murdock was briefly imprisoned, leaving Elektra to become the protector of Hell's Kitchen.

With a new creative team on the way, it seems likely that only one Daredevil will be left standing at the end of Zdarsky and Checchetto's run - and maybe not the one we expect.

We'll find out when Matt Murdock and Elektra have their "final dance" in June 7's Daredevil #12.

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