Dare to Dream: 5 things on Awal Ashaari’s wish list right now

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Comfort in style is our digital cover star Awal Ashaari’s number one rule in fashion, but secretly he also dreams of pulling off more daring looks.

When it comes to style, Awal is a big believer of the old adage, “If you like it, wear it.” According to him, you should always opt to wear something that you like — when you see yourself in the mirror with your outfit and you feel good, it doesn’t matter what other people think. At the end of the day, you should trust your gut and stick with your own instincts.

Of course, since reaching the pinnacle of his career, Awal has worked with a number of luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Fendi and many others — so it’s no wonder why many see Awal as the men’s style icon of his time.

That said, there are still things that Awal thinks he has yet to achieve, and these are what make up his fashion wish list at the moment.

Tall or high-cut boots

The men’s Lug lace-up boots by Bottega Veneta.
The men’s Lug lace-up boots by Bottega Veneta.

“I’ve always wished I had a pair of those tall boots,” Awal laments, “but I don’t know if I have the courage to pull them off right now.”

During his trips to Italy, Awal has had his eyes set on a few pairs of high-cut boots but never eventually got round to buying them. He would tell himself that he’d get a pair to take home, but the thought always niggles in his mind is where exactly he would wear them back in Malaysia, and whether he even has the guts to pull the look off — and then he’d just walk away from them.

“Sometimes when I scroll on Instagram and I see all these male models rock the high-cut boots, I think that they look so cool,” Awal goes on. “But also, because of our Malaysian weather, they’re something that you’d have to wear outside. So, for the time being, I’d say these boots are something that I’m keeping on my wish list.”

The Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Patek Philippe Nautilus in stainless steel.
The Patek Philippe Nautilus in stainless steel.

Known to be one of the world’s most famous and coveted luxury watches, the Patek Philippe Nautilus vintage watch has skyrocketed in value over the years — and would sell for astronomical prices, which is why Awal confesses that it is still on his wish list. He’s been dreaming of owning a timepiece from the collection for forever, but because of its price tag, he’s still holding out hope for it right now.

“I really like the Nautilus,” Awal says, “but I think I still don’t have enough money to invest in it just yet. Maybe one day, hopefully!”

Leather pants

Gucci Aria GG Men’s Leather Pants
Gucci Aria GG Men’s Leather Pants

“The next thing on my wishlist… skinny legs!” Awal quips. “What I really want is a pair of leather pants. It’s something that I’ve always been wanting to wear, but I’ve never been able to fit into any.”

Thanks to the recent comeback of western wear and motocross fashion over the past few years, the leather pants have been gracing the runway. It’s definitely an ‘out there’ kind of look, but it lends any man a very cool, rugged vibe. The look reflects that of a cowboy on the plains, after his long trek. And with the recent ‘Elvis’ biopic released, an all-black leather ensemble is sure to make a resurgence.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t found a pair of leather pants that can fit my big thighs,” Awal admits. “‘Cause I have really, really big thighs. Sometimes, they try to get me to wear leather pants during shoots, but every time I put them on, they just go up to my knees. So, I think this is a big thing on my wishlist — to be able to get into a pair of leather pants, at least.”

A nice cut tuxedo

Awal Ashaari donning a fully songket suit, tailored to be a little looser around his figure.
Awal Ashaari donning a fully songket suit, tailored to be a little looser around his figure.

For any black tie event, a tuxedo is considered the classic attire for men, and it represents style, class, elegance and personality — every man’s essential piece that makes him look sharp at any occasion. But Awal believes he has yet to find the perfect sharp-cut tuxedo suit.

“When I find a nice cut tuxedo, that’s when I’ll know,” Awal elaborates. “But for now, I’m still looking.”

A decent pair of espadrilles

Burberry’s check-print espadrilles for men.
Burberry’s check-print espadrilles for men.

Espadrilles are a staple of European shoe fashion, especially in Spain where they first originated. While our local fashion scene has delved into the simple yet stylish essence of espadrilles, Awal notes that it’s still a ‘hidden gem’ or a trend that has yet to bloom across Malaysia.

“I haven’t really seen many people wear espadrilles, so I think it’s still not yet out there,” he says. “But I’d really like a good, decent pair for myself. For example, I really like the ones that Burberry and Chanel have released, I think those would look really great.”

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