Danny Trejo Mourns ‘Funny’ Chihuahua: Dixie ‘Ruled the House’ Before She Died at Age 16

"She was unbelievable. She was a great dog," the actor said

<p>Danny Trejo/Instagram</p> Danny Trejo and Dixie

Danny Trejo/Instagram

Danny Trejo and Dixie

Danny Trejo has fond memories of his late pup!

The actor, 80, spoke highly to TMZ about his beloved chihuahua Dixie, who died at age 16 on Monday, July 1.

"Dixie was funny," Trejo told the outlet. "The smallest dog, and she actually ruled the house. It was like, she would go outside and the other dogs would, kind of, like, fade away. They wouldn’t be right by the porch where we were."

<p>Danny Trejo/Instagram</p> Danny Trejo and Dixie

Danny Trejo/Instagram

Danny Trejo and Dixie

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The Machete star has multiple dogs in his household – many of whom are larger than Dixie – but said that the small dog would still take charge.

"I swear to God, when Dixie woke up in a bad mood, because she stayed in my room, she would go outside and chase the pit bull into his doghouse," he explained. "He would be crying in there and she’d sit right in front."

Trejo added, "She was unbelievable. She was a great dog."

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He continued to open up about how he will say farewell to his furry friend, saying after he receives the ashes from her cremation, he’ll have "the whole house over and, you know, say goodbye."

Trejo said, “We've always done that. We've got about five or six boxes of ashes here. They're all special.”

<p>Danny Trejo/Instagram</p> Danny Trejo and Dixie

Danny Trejo/Instagram

Danny Trejo and Dixie

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On Monday, the Clerks III actor shared the news of his dog’s death on Instagram. “Hold your babies tight for me please. Today I lost my little Dixie Wixie,” he wrote in the caption.

The post contained a photo of himself in a white tank top as he clutched the small pup to his shoulder with a huge grin on his face.

People in the comments offered their condolences. One fan wrote, "The little ones fill such a big space in our hearts. 🖤🖤🖤 I am glad you had each other for the time you did."

The nonprofit organization PETA commented, "We are so sorry for your loss of sweet Dixie Wixie. Your special memories together will be in your heart forever. Sending lots of love from all of us at PETA."

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In May, Trejo spoke with PEOPLE in an exclusive interview about his milestone birthday.

"I feel blessed, first of all, because I wasn't supposed to make it out of the '60s — and I mean 1960s," he said, referring to his troubled childhood. "That was a tough time for me, and nobody thought I was going to make it out of there. Now, I've been on the good Lord's time."

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