Danish Light Festival brightens dark winter skies

Danish Light Festival illuminates the sky

Location: Copenhagen

with 30 installations dotted around the capital

CURATOR AND CEO OF COPENHAGEN LIGHT FESTIVAL, JESPER KONGSHAUG: "It's a 3 kilometre route and actually there's another route of three other kilometres. So people having a good time in a good distance and enjoying themselves seeing the city in a new way."

The annual festival has been running for four years

to the delight of local residents

VISITOR MIKKEL KABEL: "A light festival in these dark times is very nice, to get some brightness in your life, you get stimulated through the art and can think about different stuff, you know."

VISITOR, SARA DIXON: "Copenhagen Light Festival, it's just really great in a cold February. Something to do, something to come out into town for. And even though it's cold, it's just really nice to have something."

VISITOR MICHAEL GRAH: "Would you say it's has brightened up your evening?"

VISITOR, SARA DIXON: "It has brightened up my evening definitely."