Canadian TV host Danielle Graham shares her and husband's 'unique' parenting roles

The reporter shed light on her and her husband's method to balancing childcare duties.

Danielle Graham detailed her and her husband's
Danielle Graham detailed her and her husband's "unique" method to managing parental duties. (Photo by GP Images/Getty Images)

Danielle Graham and her husband are sharing their "unique" approach to parenting roles.

On Friday, the Canadian reporter shared an Instagram reel shedding light on her and her husband's method to balancing childcare duties.

In the video, Graham's husband Randall can be seen cutting their daughter's hair. In the on-screen text, the former "ETalk" host outlined their specific roles.

"How Randall and I divide routine maintenance of the kids: He's responsible for the neck up," she penned. "Hair washing and cuts, dentist appointments, optometrist appointments. I'm responsible for the neck down. Pediatrician appointments, vaccination and flu shots, nail grooming."

In the caption, Graham elaborated on their parenting philosophy, writing, "Do I know the name of the girls’ dentist? Nope. Does Randall know when the girls are getting their flu shots? He does not."

"We stay in our 'routine maintenance' lanes knowing the other has their jurisdiction covered. It means just a little less clutter up in each of our heads, which is a welcome break for both of us," she continued.

"Also, I feel like I got the better deal here," the mom-of-two quipped. "I really don't like hair washing."

In the comments, fans praised Graham for sparking discussions about how couples can effectively manage the demands of childcare while maintaining a sense of balance. It served as a reminder there's no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting and finding a system that works for each family is key.

Canadian influencer Sarah Nicole Landry, better known as The Birds Papaya, chimed in writing, "I love this and so important to share more stories like these!"

Fellow Canadian TV host Cheryl Hickey added: "This is so important and what a great message."

"Love this idea," an Instagram user weighed in.

"Okay, so this is the cutest and love his technique," someone else commented.

Another fan wrote: "Brilliant."

Parenting isn't the only time the 42-year-old thinks outside the box. Back in December, Graham shared an Instagram reel featuring herself working out, paired with a message that urged her fans to "flip the script" when it comes to fitness.

In the video, the Guelph, Ont.-native added an audio clip that encouraged people to change their thinking around exercise.

"We were raised in a generation where exercise was only used to lose weight and be skinny. Let's flip the script," the audio said.

Graham reiterated her message in the caption, writing, "After a week of a hell of a flu that took down the whole fam', I have never been happier to get back to eating well and movement. For most of my life, I treated exercise like a tax I had to pay for eating. And I know I'm not alone in being conditioned in such a warped way of thinking.

"Now I move because I can. Because I like feeling strong and seeing my little muscles. Because it clears my mind and because I know I'm modelling good habits for my girls," she added.

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