Dangerous Wind Gusts Topple Tree Onto Colorado Home

Strong wind gusts toppled a tree onto a home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Wednesday, December 15, as a powerful storm system swept across several states.

The National Weather Service reported wind speeds reached up to 100 mph at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

This video taken by Dillon Schuneman, who said he recorded it in the backyard of his Colorado Springs home, shows a tree crashing onto his neighbor’s house.

“We saw the tree starting to sway in the wind so we called our neighbor and told her to brace herself because the tree looked like it was about to give out,” Schuneman told Storyful. “Within about five minutes this actually did happen, and luckily it landed in the safest place it possibly could have … and no one was harmed.” Credit: Dillon Schuneman via Storyful

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