‘Dangdut’ singer Baby Shima hits back at critics of ‘Baby Sayang’ teaser

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 — Dangdut singer Baby Shima has responded to the nasty comments she’s been getting online.

This is following her teaser for a new song collaboration with controversial cosmetic entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri which was shared on both of their social media recently.

The teaser for the song Baby Sayang has not sat well with local social media users who deemed it as inappropriate as in the teaser, Aliff was seen performing while Baby Shima danced beside him, clad in a sexy outfit.

Local social media users can be seen expressing their displease with the two of them in the comment section while there are also those who went overboard by saying that Baby Shima looks like an adult film star.

Talking to portal MStar, Baby Shima has since responded to the nasty remarks.

"I don’t really care about these comments from netizens because we can’t control what they’re going to say.

"For those who think it's obscene, I think, maybe, they’re imagining it too much,” she said.

Meanwhile, as reported by Kosmo, the 30-year-old singer said that she didn’t expect to get such responses from the public in a short time.

"To be honest, I must admit, dangdut songs are synonymous with dances, it’s hard to separate them. But for me, dancing can also be considered as exercise.

"That depends on how audiences choose to see it, in a positive or negative light. We’re being called out even though we're trying to do good,” she said.

Aside from that, the Roadblock Hatiku singer who previously had some misunderstanding with Aliff revealed that both of them have worked things out.

She also pointed out that the collaboration came into play as both of them are being managed by the same company.

The Baby Sayang teaser also prompted local preacher Da'i Wan Dazrin to voice out about the matter. He stated his disappointment in Aliff as the previous advice he gave to the entrepreneur had fallen on deaf ears.

This is also not the first time Baby Shima has been put under the spotlight for her dancing as she was reported to be in hot water after a clip of her dancing at a Hari Raya event was circulated on social media.