Dancing 'devils' celebrate Corpus Christi in Venezuela

STORY: Devils danced through Venezuelan

streets in exchange for holy blessings

LOCATOR: San Francisco de Yara, Venezuela

This UNESCO-recognized rite

is more than 300 years old

It's a celebration of 'Corpus Christi',

a festival that's largely Catholic

[Pablo Azuaje, Head of the dancing devils]

''I have been a foreman for 38 years and I have danced for 65. It’s something important for us because today we pay homage and adoration to the Blessed Sacrament, a pledge each of us made. Each person in uniform is paying a pledge by surrendering to the Blessed Sacrament dressed as a devil because God defeats the Devil.”

The Devils of Yare are the oldest

of their kind on the continent

[Jose Manuel Guardia, Dancing devil]

"This is big. This is great for me because the sacramental bread has fulfilled too many promises, to me and to my family, too many requests and there is no better way than this to give thanks.''

Only men are allowed to dance

through the streets

Women dance inside a house before

an altar and with a borrowed mask

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