‘Dance Moms: A New Era’ Welcomes a New Coach and Same Old Drama at Hulu | Video

Everyone’s replaceable, even Abby Lee Miller. Hulu just announced that a reboot is on the horizon for fans of the hit, star-making reality TV show “Dance Moms.”

“Dance Moms: A New Era” will premiere Aug. 7, featuring new dancers, a new studio and even a new coach.

Save your tears for your pillow, because Miller and her antics will not be making a reappearance in the new season. Instead, Glo Hampton and Studio Bleu will lead the franchise.

In a teaser released Tuesday, Hampton is in action with a glimpse of the iconic pyramid of headshots behind her. Her team of seven girls struts to the camera, competition-ready. One girl is already set apart in her black costume, while the others are in white, setting a familiar stage for favoritism and breeding competition.

The new show will follow the same premise as “Dance Moms,” as Ms. Glo’s team of young girls will compete nationally every week. And, of course, their mothers will be along for the ride every step of the way.

The beloved dance coach has been a teacher at Studio Bleu in Ashburn, Va., for years and even appeared on the original series back in 2013. She and her daughter Kaeli joined as replacements in Season 3, but only lasted two episodes. After being kicked off of the ALDC team, the mother-daughter duo returned later in the season, only as competitors. They competed with Studio Bleu and won first place.

The Hulu and Lifetime reboot is helmed by Bryan Stinson, executive producer of the original series.

The 10-episode reboot comes not long after “Dance Moms: The Reunion” aired May 1 on Lifetime. The special brought together most of the former cast, though notably absent were the Ziegler sisters and Nia Sioux, while Miller was not invited.

Many of the original ALDC girls have used the show as a springboard. A new docuseries is in the works with “Dance Moms” creator Jeff Collins for breakout star JoJo Siwa. Elsewhere, the perpetual top-of-the-pyramid Maddie Ziegler stars in “My Old Ass,” premiering in theaters this August.

“Dance Moms: A New Era” premieres Aug. 7 on Hulu.

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