Dan Walker was ‘out cold for 20 minutes’ in bike crash

Dan Walker was knocked unconscious for 20 minutes when he was involved in a bike crash earlier this week.

The former BBC Breakfast host was struck while cycling on Monday (20 February), which left him with a bloodied face and needing treatment in hospital.

On Wednesday, Walker said that he had no recollection of the accident, as he had been “out cold” for 20 minutes.

“It happened in ­Sheffield on the way to the train station,” he told The Mirror. “I think I got hit by a car but was out cold for about 20 minutes. I have no memory of it.

“I can’t believe I haven’t broken anything or that it is so much worse. I came round on the tarmac with paramedics and police standing over me. I’m very thankful to still be here and just have a beast of a headache.”

After the accident, Walker – who departed BBC Breakfast last year to join Channel 5 News – warned his followers about the importance of bike helmets as he said that his head gear had had “saved his life”.

Posting a photo of his “battered and bruised face” on Instagram, the presenter said that “amazingly” nothing was broken in the accident.

“The helmet I was wearing saved my life today so – if you’re on a bike – get one on your head,” he wrote. “Smashed my watch & phone, ruined my trousers, my bike is a mess but I’m still here.”

On Tuesday (21 February), Walker responded to critics who disputed his claims about his helmet.

“It’s odd to get lectured by people telling me that bike helmets aren’t important when the emergency services at the scene yesterday told me I probably wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t wearing one,” he tweeted.

“Funny old world! I hope you’re having a good Tuesday. Soup through a straw for lunch.”