Damaging Tornado Touches Down in Andover, Kansas

A dangerous tornado touched down in Andover, Kansas, causing damage to buildings on the evening of April 29.

This footage, filmed by Blake Robinson, shows the tornado sweeping through Andover, whipping up dust and debris in its path. Multiple light flashes at the base of the tornado occur, prompting the filmer to remark that the power had been taken out.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado had touched down over Andover, warning residents to seek shelter.

Wichita Police Chief Lem Moore urged locals to steer clear of Andover, unless absolutely necessary, adding that “emergency services want to focus on the families in Andover and not have to manage people wanted to drive by to see the damages”. Credit: Blake Robinson via Storyful

Video transcript



Bro, it's hitting houses. It's got to be. Holy [MUTED].


Oh, man I really hope it's, please go up. Please, [MUTED]. Dude, that is [MUTED] massive. I'm getting on top of my car [MUTED].

Share the live. Holy [MUTED].

It's massive. Oh, it just took out the power.

It just turned, it just shut off the power.

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