‘The Daily Show’ Thanks Fox News for Putting Trans Day of Visibility on the Map for ‘500 Straight Hours’ | Video

When “The Daily Show” host Desi Lydic turned to Michael Kosta to break down the results of Easter Sunday overlapping with Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, the correspondent rejoiced at the amount of attention the latter holiday got thanks to Fox News hosts angrily complaining about the coincidence.

Lydic asked Kosta — whose insights from the White House Easter Egg hunt informed his reporting — if the hubbub ruined the day for the transgender community on Wednesday’s episode.

“Are you kidding? This was the most successful Trans Visibility Day in history,” Kosta said. “Fox News raised trans awareness for 500 straight hours, and the best part is we’ll get another round in a few weeks when Greek Orthodox Easter goes up against Greek Orthodox Trans Visibility Day.”

The correspondent prefaced the good news by noting that he couldn’t speak on behalf of the trans community, because “they’ve specifically asked [him] to stop doing that.”

“It seems to me that any way a holiday can break through the noise, the better. There’s just too many important days to remember, you know? Easter, Memorial Day, Arbor Day, my kid’s birthday, which is like every year supposedly,” Kosta joked. “It’s too much and there’s waiting. There’s no way to keep track of all these important days. They need to invent like a spreadsheet, but for days.”

Lydic suggested a calendar, but Kosta confused it for a pasta strainer before offering his own idea of combining more remembrance days with commercial holidays.

“The lesson we learned this week is that Americans appreciate holidays more when they’re outraged, which is why I believe we need to pit more holidays against each other,” he continued. “Let’s put Valentine’s Day on the Fourth of July. Let’s move 9/11 to Halloween. Let’s move Mother’s Day up against Juneteenth. Do you love your mom or do you hate slavery? You gotta choose.”

Watch the full segment, featuring Kosta’s appearance at the end, below:

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