‘The Daily Show’: Desi Lydic Says GOP Should Just Do ‘What Women Have Been Doing for Centuries’ to Pick a Speaker – ‘Settle’ (Video)

“The Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic roasted Republicans’ inability to choose a new Republican Speaker of the House, saying the party should just “settle” on an option just like women often have to do when it comes to picking a suitor.

This week’s guest host was TV personality Desus Nice (“Desus & Mero”) who served up the show’s weekly “Headlines” of the week. Some of the topics included Taylor Swift’s celebratory handshake with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, the nation’s tough health care system and Sheila Jackson Lee’s explosive phone call with her staff.

The last bit of the segment was delivered by Lydic, who was live from a fictional Capitol Hill, where she reported on Republicans’ search for a new speaker.

“Well, in political science terms, Republicans are all kinds f–ked up right now,” Lydic said, before suggesting that the party should just pick someone from the limited batch of politicians. “Republicans can do what women have been doing for centuries. They can settle.”

Lydic continued: “Look, they’re not getting any younger. It’s time to accept a speaker who’s, you know, just good enough. I mean, maybe his resume isn’t as tall as you had hoped for. Maybe he sends you pictures of his caucus. Or maybe he’s Jim Jordan. Well, tough, this is what settling is all about. Either he’s got a job or he’s good in bed. It’s never both. He either has a good relationship with his mom or he’s good in bed. It’s never both. He can either read or he’s good in bed. It’s never both. Why can’t it ever be both?”

On Monday, the Republican-led House of Representatives hit its 20th day of being halted as it continues to search for the new Speaker of the House. After going through the voting ringer 15 times, Kevin McCarthy was eventually elected as speaker in January only after he agreed to an unprecedented rule that allowed for any House member to introduce a vote that could remove the speaker. However, McCarthy has since been voted out of the job.

There are currently six Republicans running for speaker after Ohio’s representative, Jim Jordan, got the boot. And just hours after winning a nomination, Minnesota representative Tom Emmer dropped out of the race after failing to receive support from his fellow party members. The members left include Austin Scott of Georgia, Byron Donalds of Florida, Kevin Hern of Oklahoma, Jack Bergman of Michigan, Mike Johnson of Louisiana and Pete Sessions of Texas.

When Nice asked Lydic what the group should do for their next speaker, she said it’s a choice that she’d never take away from them, alluding to the efforts Republicans made to strip women of the rights they have over their body.

“That’s their choice, Desus. I would never tell Republicans what they should do with the legislative body. All I’m going to say is time is of the essence, and their political clock is ticking,” Lydic said. “Maybe, just maybe, Kevin McCarthy was the one that got away. They had a mediocre thing going and they took it for granted. I know he lies and he’s not good with money, and yeah, he voted to overturn the election. He’s also probably terrible in bed, and can’t read, but look, it’s cuffing season. For the love of God, just turn off the lights and vote.”

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