‘The Daily Show’ Breaks Down the Trump-Biden Debate Rules in Layman’s Terms: ‘Rigged’ | Video

“The Daily Show” senior correspondent Desi Lydic broke down the rules for the upcoming debate between President Joe Biden and republican contender Donald Trump in layman’s terms with a Fox News-style twist.

“Have you seen these new rules for the first presidential debate? They are rigged against President Trump in every way possible,” she said as she opened up Monday’s segment, titled, “Desi Lydic Foxplains The Trump-Biden Debate Rules.” Throughout the clip, the comedian mimicked the supposed behavior of Fox News personalities.

“Look at this, rule one, a candidate’s microphone will cut off when the time expires,” Lydic continued. “What in the Fauci? How is President Trump supposed to make a concise point if he can’t ramble endlessly? Rule two, no live audience? Trump feeds on the audience, sucks their life force, causes them to wither and die so that he can achieve immortality. First you cut off Trump’s mic, then you cut off his audience. What’s next? You cut his life into pieces? This is his last resort.”

She then took a jab at more liberal-leaning news outlets and the moderators set for the debate, CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

“The debates will be held on CNN and ABC. These two channels are anti-Trump propaganda platforms. You have CNN, the Clinton News Network and ABC, a A Big Clinton News Network. Why can’t we get neutral network like Fox News or maganation.org/joebidenistheantichrist?” Lydic questioned.

“This whole thing is rigged. Donald Trump cannot risk debating Joe Biden, who’s a walking corpse who can’t string two sentences together,” she continued.

Biden laid out his guidelines when he first invited Trump to debate, some of which include cut-off mics, no audience and no third-party candidates.

Trump and Biden are set to go head-to-head twice in debates scheduled in the next few months as election season closes in. The first will be on June 27 at CNN’s studios in Atlanta. The second debate is scheduled for Sept. 10 and will be hosted by ABC.

Watch the entire “Daily Show” segment, above.

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