Dad's quick reflexes save 14-month-old son from falling out of crib

This was the moment a dad in South Korea quickly prevented his 14-month-old child from falling from his crib after seeing him climbing on the baby monitor in the other room. Footage from February 14 shows the young boy holding on to the frame of the crib as he is milliseconds from falling when dad Justin Lovett is able to save the day and a lot of tears. Lovett told Newsflare: "My wife and I were both working in our office in our apartment when she saw on our baby cam that our son was trying to climb out of his crib during his nap. "She grabbed her phone, said 'Justin look!' and showed me the cam. "I immediately jumped up and ran to his room and made it just in time. "This was the first time he had ever tried to climb out, our son is 14 months old. "After I caught him we lowered his bed all the way to the floor and he has not been able to climb out since, but he still tries."