Dad rushes into house to rescue his baby during an earthquake in southern China

The video shows how the father instinctively rushes into the house to carry his 2-year-old daughter out as he felt the ground was fiercely shaking in Lushan, Ya’an city. Mr. Yang was reportedly washing his shoes outdoors when he felt the tremors. According to Yang, after having experienced earthquakes several times in the past, his first instinct was to save his child. It's thought that the Lushan 6.1-magnitude earthquake was an aftershock of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake of 2013, which killed at least 196 people. The two earthquake sites are just 9 kilometers apart in the Shuangshi-Dachuan seismic zone. So far the Lushan earthquake that occurred on June 1 has caused 4 deaths and 41 injuries. The video was filmed on June 1 and provided by local media with permission.

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