Dad puts on a dress to teach etiquette to his daughters

A dad in China put on a skirt to teach proper etiquette to his daughters. Filmed in Mr. Shi’s home in Linyi, Shandong province, the father can be seen wearing a long black dress with his upper body naked. Standing next to his two daughters, he then shows them how to squat down to pick up things: to first fold part of the dress between the legs and only then slowly squat down. He then tells his daughters not to learn from their mother’s wrong behaviour: directly squatting down to pick up things. This comparison not only makes the two daughters laugh but also his wife who is filming the entire scene. Reportedly, he also wanted to teach his daughters how to avoid becoming victims of upskirting, a practice where men secretly film girls and women under their skirts or dresses. The video was filmed on May 30 and provided by local media with permission.