A 'da Vinci of violins' goes up for auction in France

STORY: This instrument is lauded as a 'da Vinci of violins'

Location: Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

It's going up for auction in France

and could fetch as much as $10.6 million

The violin was crafted by Italian luthier Giuseppe Guarneri in 1736

and its sound has graced concert halls around the world


“There are supposed to be only 150 Guarneri violins. So to be able to sell one at an auction house like ours is a great source of pride. There are lots of violins, but this one is the equivalent of selling a Rembrandt, a Goya or even a Leonardo da Vinci. Among violins, this one is exceptional.”

“What’s interesting is that at the same time you’ve got the object itself that’s survived since the 1730s, and then you’ve got this musical history that we can provide as information, and so it’s both something very old but yet very current and alive. And this little thing will continue allowing people to hear its exceptional sound for years to come.”

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