Cyprus' first underwater archaeological park

STORY: This is Cyprus’ first underwater archaeological park

Visitors can dive in and explore the ancient harbor of Amathus

which experts believe was built between 312/311 BC and 294 BC

(Stella Demesticha, Associate professor of maritime archaeology, University of Cyprus)

‘’This was a very well-known archaeological site, one of the best-preserved ancient harbors in the eastern Mediterranean, which had been excavated by the French archaeological team…back in the eighties.’’


“These people can learn, understand how things were, and then explore by themselves, because it is an open space, it was, and it still is, there are no gates or anything, so people can take their time, learn, come back as many times as they want.”

Over the centuries, the area has developed into a natural reef

where various fish and turtles thrive

Poseidon sea grass (arrow)

(Zoe, Visitor)

“It was really a very nice experience, the tour was excellent, we learned a lot about the ancient harbour and the marine life in the region.”

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