Cycle & Carriage Offers Emergency Car Maintenance And Care Through Roadside Assistance

Life’s little surprises tend to occur when you least expect them. Cycle & Carriage’s Roadside Assistance team is here for you and your Mercedes-Benz around the clock to assure the highest standards of support services in the unlikely event of a breakdown. Taking pride in looking out for its customers, the renowned Mercedes-Benz dealer is committed to do whatever it takes to get you back on the road.

In this video, A-Listers Johann Razali and Emran Rijal encounter an unexpected turn of events:

Vehicle Towing

If you’re involved in an accident or have a mechanical issue, Roadside Assistance will arrange for towing to the nearest Cycle & Carriage Autohaus at no charge, and if your vehicle has sustained damage, Cycle & Carriage can get right to work.

On-Site Technicians

If your Mercedes-Benz requires more than the complimentary services offered, a qualified technician will perform on-site service or arrange for service nearby. Often, special tools, parts, and diagnostic equipment are required, and a Cycle & Carriage technician will make sure you receive the help you need.

Getting Help

If you find yourself needing immediate assistance, there are a few ways to request it. You can call 1800 – 22 – 8000 to speak with a representative, you can press the wrench or me-button in your vehicle, or you can press the Roadside Assistance button in the Mercedes me app. Whichever way you reach Cycle & Carriage, they’ll always be ready to help.