Cybertruck Stuck on Beach

Pounding Sand

A Tesla Cybertruck driver got woefully stuck in the sand after illegally driving the vehicle onto the Marina State Beach, a protected and public beach near Monterey, California.

A video circulating online shows two men struggling to push the 5,500-pound pickup, which according to Tesla is "durable and rugged enough to go anywhere," across the beach. The person filming the video can be heard cackling with glee.

Naturally, social media had a field day with what's only the latest incident — more on that later — involving the truck.

"This shining example of a man drove his Cybertruck on our local beach near Santa Cruz and of course got it stuck," Sebastiaan de With, cofounder of the iPhone photography app Halide, wrote. "This car is really becoming a symbol for poor life choices."

Beached Whale

De With was likely referring to a number of other incidents involving the divisive truck, which only started rolling off the lot late last year.

In one instance, a YouTuber took Tesla CEO Elon Musk by his word and took his Cybertruck for a swim.

Earlier this year, a Cybertruck that was pushed to its limits in the California desert ended up having one of its wheels snap off.

Just this week, a Cybertruck hopped the curb, crashing into the Beverly Hills Hotel sign — and also had one of its wheels ripped off.

We've also seen several instances of the Cybertruck getting stuck in the snow and ice over the winter.

To be fair, as with many of these cases, the truck's failure to tackle natural obstacles is at least partially due to user error.

Case in point, in this latest instance, the truck was able to get off the sand by deflating the tires.

But as de With points out, the truck appears to attract an unusual number of dull-witted drivers.

This particular one got away with a citation by the State Parks Department, a small price to pay for being an absolute moron.

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