Cybertruck Spotted Covered in Graffiti

Street Art

It happened! Someone figured out how to make their Cybertruck look cool.

The public reaction to the Elon Musk-helmed Tesla's Cybertrucks — which are finally hitting highways after years of delays — has been mixed, to put it generously. They get smudgy, owners are saying they rust easily, and even celebrities like Kim Kardashian can't seem to keep their gleaming, road-borne refridgeratormobiles away from roadway dust. As rapper Cameron Jibril "Wiz Khalifa" Thomaz put it recently after spotting a Cybertruck during a livestream: "the shit look like it came with pre-dirt on it."

Finally, though, someone seems to have cracked the "how to not make your Cybertruck look like a midlife crisis" code. To wit: a photo of a graffiti-splattered Cybertruck was shared to X-formerly-Twitter this week by photographer Tim Saccenti — and we must say, the spraypainted vehicle goes impressively hard. (Though the jury's still out on whether this was done intentionally.)

"First #Cybertruck I've seen in the wild," the photographer captioned the post, "love the paint job."

"Basquiat levels of noooooooooooooooo," he added, referring to the fact that "noooooooooooo" is indeed spraypainted onto the truck's side.

Dropbox Mad Max

We're not the only ones to admit that the paint job looks pretty cool.

"This looks sick actually," one X user responded, "cyberpunk repo man edition."

"Well now it looks cool," said another, "like you could use it to run over rich people instead of poor people."

"It honestly kind of works," added product designer and writer Cody Brown, "Feels even more cyber punk."

But sadly, according to Saccenti, the energy of the dude driving the graffitied Tesla grounded things back in reality.

"Balding middle aged pissed off white dude wearing a 'Dropbox' t-shirt driving really killed the Mad Max vibe," the photographer lamented. Though to that end, it could be argued that the Cybertruck's inability to drive in sand, snow, or in some cases over small hills negates the Mad Max of it all from the outset.

Anyway. There you have it, folks. If you own a Cybertruck and are struggling to figure out how to keep your expensive, not-so-stainless-steel truck from looking like a musty dusty dweebmobile sans wiping it down every .2 seconds, the trick might just be to lean into the apocalyptic cyberpunk edge of the car's design. Although, as yet another X user pointed out, that might come with its own upkeep troubles.

"Don't worry," the netizen chimed in, "the graffiti will rust right off."

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