Cybertruck’s “Armor Glass” Cracks in Routine Hail Storm

Cracked View

Who can forget that unscripted moment back in 2019 when a Tesla employee threw a metal ball at the futuristic Cybertruck during its live unveiling, breaking the so-called "armor glass" window in a spectacularly public setting?

Now, a post from an upset Redditor yesterday indicates that the Cybertruck glass is still vulnerable — in this case, to a routine Texas hail storm.

"CT [Cybertruck] windshield did not withstand a freak sudden hailstorm in Austin, rest of vehicle seems fine," writes Redditor xanderhud in r/cybertruck. "None of the other cars parked next to it had windshield damage but they had lots of dings in their body. Pretty disappointing, will let y’all know how much it costs to fix."

Photos in the Reddit post show the Cybertruck parked in an asphalt lot with little balls of icy hail surrounding the vehicle on the ground. Another photo shows the windshield with a white curved gash on the glass, presumably from a hail strike.

The Redditor later said in another comment that he was quoted an eye-popping $2,326.75 to fix it.

"Wonder if flat shape and shallow angle makes it easier to break," another Redditor pondered.

Breaking and Entering

Musk's Tesla has been on a mission for redemption for its Cybertruck ever since the notorious 2019 live demo.

Tesla touts that the Cybertruck is tough on its website, saying that the "Armor Glass Can Resist the Impact of a Baseball at 70 Mph or Class 4 Hail."

Late last year, the company staged the same ball exercise and the window did not break, though it appeared that the ball used was an ordinary baseball.

Musk has said the Cybertruck will offer a "beast mode" option in which the glass will be truly bullet-proof, adding to the price of an already spendy vehicle.

But the vehicle has already been dinged for lower-than-advertised range capacity and many other complaints since it first hit public roads, so it's tough to say whether a tony add-on will solve those grips.

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