Cybercriminals using 'COVID-19' discount codes to spread malware: Check Point Research

New Delhi [India], Mar 18 (ANI): As the world struggles with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are reportedly misusing the term to spread malware.

Security researchers at Check Point Research observed that cybercriminals are selling malicious malware and exploitation tools through 'COVID-19' discount codes on the darknet, to promote services to hack Facebook and Chrome.

For example, 'Hack Facebook Accounts with a "15% off with COVID-19 code" is a special offer to cyber attackers while another "Coronavirus Discount! 10% off on ALL products" is for malicious toolkits such as WinDefender bypass or "Build to bypass email and Chrome security".

The malicious actors are also increasingly registering coronavirus-related domains. More than 16,000 new coronavirus-related domains have been registered since early January 2020, with the majority being registered in the past three weeks. Out of the new domains, 0.8 per cent are malicious and 19 per cent are suspicious. (ANI)