Cute Arizona Bobcat Turns Spooky When She Sees She's Being Watched

A pair of cat lovers in the Phoenix area were delighted to spot a mother bobcat and her cub playing on their roof on August 4 – and were even more thrilled when the elder cat came over to check them out.

David M Dallas PhD recorded this footage of a mother bobcat and her kitten from the top of stairs that overlook the roof. He said the mother bobcat has been visiting their roof for a while.

“We can always hear when it’s up there walking around, day and night,” he said.

Dallas said his wife woke him up around 5:30 am, saying, “You gotta come look at this, the bobcat is back, and there’s two of them!’”

The footage shows the cats stalking, jumping, and play-fighting before the mother cat notices Dallas. He told Storyful the cats were playing and lounging on the roof for over an hour before they spotted him.

“She looked directly into our eyes! Both my wife and I were beside ourselves,” he said. “Being cat owners, it was an amazing experience!” Credit: David M Dallas, Ph.D. via Storyful

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