Customised female sex dolls: Some UK women spend over RM80,000 to get their ‘dream match’

Milad Hassandarvish
Women in the UK are willing to fork out whopping amounts of money for a customised female sex doll. — Picture via Instagram/pomblogsales

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 – With the advancement of sex robots and dolls, the demand for these ultra-realistic sex aids seems to have gone to greater heights in the UK.

Based on a report by Mirror UK, middle-aged women wanting to find their “dream match” are willing to fork out up to £15,000 (RM80,883) for their own customised sex dolls.

Citing an industry expert, it was reported that both homosexual and heterosexual women, some of whom are married and have kids, are among a new wave of customers enjoying the sex robots.

According to UK’s most popular sex doll retailer The-Doll-House managing director Phil Bass, there was a growth when he started the business three years ago but eventually it slowed down after a year.

“Then it became popular again and now what I have come across is a lot of female interest, especially in the past year,” he added.

Bass also noted that sex robots are no longer linked with the stereotypical lonely old man, as they only make around 10 per cent of his customer profile.

“Now, I would say around a quarter of my customers are women who want a female doll,” he said.

Bass also found the female demographic interesting as he gets customers from various age groups with a majority of them opting for female dolls.

“I have some middle-aged women, many in their 50s and others in their 20s.

“My last female customer was a single, lesbian woman,” he said,

Bass added that some of his customers like to take photographs of the sex robots they buy, and there are customers of both genders who like to use them for large versions of dolls to dress up.

According to him, the costly silicone sex robots can be tailored with custom-made heads, genitalia, feet and other organs, which comes with additional charges of up to £5,000.

Some of the robots can also talk, smile, sing and even orgasm.

However, Bass said his customers often mix male bodies with female heads and vice versa to create their ideal partner.

“One woman recently asked us to make a robot with a male body below the neck with male genitalia, a female head and a man’s haircut.

“It came across as a really good-looking guy actually,” he said.

The 46-year-old businessman also highlighted that the fad has even been portrayed in pornography.

“I have come across in porn lately men with dolls, rather than a woman, but I am a bit curious as to why really,” he added.

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