Customer reveals delivery driver’s ‘above and beyond’ response after she accidentally sent pizza to ex’s house

A customer has revealed how a delivery driver went “above and beyond” for her, when her pizza was accidentally sent to her ex-boyfriend’s house.

In a recent video posted to her TikTok, Deanna, @deannanicole96, shared a clip of the conversation that she had with the delivery man during her Super Bowl Party. She captioned the post: “When your pizza mistakenly gets delivered to your ex’s house. I will never recover.”

The video, captured through a Ring doorbell camera, went on to show delivery man Dave at her front door. He then explained what happened when he went to her ex-boyfriend’s place.

“He was like: ‘You’re at the wrong house of like Farmington [street],’” Dave explained. “And he goes: ‘I didn’t order pizza.’ And I go: ‘Well this has already happened today, so are you sure like someone didn’t leave and they’re going to be back?’”

Dave then recalled how a woman came to the door and asked if there was a name for the order, prompting a concerned response from Deanna and her friends. He said that when he told them that the order was under the name “Deanna,” it prompted a surprised reaction from her ex’s seemingly new girlfriend.

“She’s like: ‘That’s his ex-girlfriend! Oh my god, is that because she saw you today?’” he explained. In response, Deanna and her friends were shocked and shouted: “What!”

Dave then held his hands up in amusement and continued to address the new girlfriend’s comments, adding: “That’s what she said! The drama continues.”

He proceeded to laugh hysterically about the situation with Deanna and her peers, before reflecting on his stressful day at work.

“Today is my last day at Guida’s,” he explained, referring to a pizza shop in Rochester, NY. “I swear I fell in the shop, I cut my hand open. I’ve been to two wrong addresses.”


When your pizza mistakenly gets delivered to your ex’s house. I will never recover 💀

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In a follow-up video, Deanna gave more context about her ex, revealing that they broke up in May and that the last time they saw each other in person was July.

She noted that when she ordered her pizza, one of the shop’ employees called to ask if the food was going to her old address, which was her ex’s house. Deanna told them her new address and said that she had the pizzeria worker recite it back to her “three times”.

However, when she got a call from the restaurant, she realised that the delivery still mistakenly went to her ex-boyfriend’s house.

Despite the address mix-up, she said she was very grateful to Dave and the all the intel he gave about her former partner.

“Fast forward to ‘Mr. Tea Man’ showing up to my house with not only the pizza, but some hot a** f***ing tea,” she explained. “This man came, he served. He went above and f***ing beyond. He was one of the girls in that moment. God bless, love Dave.”

She also confirmed that she had not seen her ex that day, even though that’s what his new girlfriend had thought.

As of 22 February, Deanna’s two videos have more than 13.6m views, with people in the comments praising Dave for how he shared this information on the TikToker’s ex.

“I’ve never heard a man spill tea SO WELL!!!” one wrote, while another added: “‘The drama continues’ has me dead.”

A third said: “Do we know this delivery man, he’s such a good story teller.”

Other viewers expressed their amusement over how Deanna’s friends reacted to Dave’s story telling.


“The unison ‘WHAT?’ has me dying,” a second added.

Deanna later posted a third video to reveal that she’s been in contact with Dave. She went on to show her support to him, as she shared that he has a genetic disorder called Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy.

Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy is “a term for a group of diseases that cause weakness and wasting of the muscles in the arms and legs,” according to MedlinePlus. The muscles most often affected are “the shoulders, upper arms, pelvic area, and thighs”.

In her clip, Deanna also shared the GoFundMe Page that she started in order to shine a light on Dave’s medical condition.

“I am so blessed to have had the interaction with him that I did and cannot wait to watch the internet do its thing!” she wrote in the description of the fundraiser. “Dave’s only request was to make this not so much about him, but more so the disease and raising awareness. I would like to take this opportunity to raise money to do just that!”

As of 22 February, the page has raised $5,395 out of its $10,000 goal.

The Independent has contacted Deanna for comment.