Curtis Sliwa and Rescue Kitten Visit Manhattan Polls on Election Day

New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa brought a four-week-old rescue cat to the polls on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on the morning of Election Day, November 2.

Video shared to the Republican candidate’s Facebook page shows a red-coated Sliwa with his wife, Nancy Regula, in Manhattan Tuesday morning.

Carrying a kitten called Gizmo under a blanket in his arms, Sliwa said to reporters that even though he was feeling physically in pain, given the fact that his arm was fractured by a taxi cab on October 29, “it’s nothing compared to the pain that a lot of our fellow residents are going through today.”

Sliwa continued, “I’m thinking of all the firefighters, the police officers, sanitation workers, especially the health care workers that I’ve seen in the last few days, and teachers, who are fighting – no means of income, can’t even go out and get another job, can’t apply for unemployment – that we’ve turned these heroes into zeroes.”

Sliwa, founder of the unarmed crimefighting organization the Guardian Angels, goes up against veteran police officer and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. He has been a vocal opponent of the vaccine mandate for city workers. Credit: Curtis Sliwa via Storyful

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