Curious Possum Pokes Head Through Window of New South Wales Home

A friendly possum was caught on camera trying to get in through the window of a New South Wales home, with footage posted on November 17 showing the curious critter poking its head inside.

Residents of Lake Macquarie have become accustomed to sharing their locality with different wildlife, with one local documenting the lives of her marsupial neighbors on social media.

Recent footage captured by TikTok user @veronicadownunder shows a possum peering in through the window, before trying to open it further in what looks to be an attempt to get inside.

“She visits every night just after sunset, often when I am eating dinner,” she told Storyful. “Her tree is right next to the balcony, so she can possibly see/smell the food.”

Additional footage of some far more energetic encounters with the animals can be found on her TikTok account. Credit: @veronicadownunder via Storyful

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