Curious Fox Closely Inspects Man's Phone During Encounter on Dublin Road

A Dublin man got up close and personal with a curious fox while out walking recently, footage tweeted on February 20 shows.

Adrian Weckler told Storyful that he was out walking at “about 8 pm” and thinking of his mum, the writer Deirdre Purcell, who had recently died, when he crossed paths with the fox.

“I saw this fox just lying there on the path in front of me,” he said.

“At first I thought it might be injured, to be lying down like that as I approached,” Weckler said. "But then it just got up and came over to me and sniffed and lingered.

“Nothing like that has ever happened to me with a fox or any wild animal — I was tempted to think that it was somehow connected to my mother’s love of animals,” he added. Credit: Adrian Weckler via Storyful

Video transcript