Curious bystanders cheer as man that fell into Amsterdam's canal is rescued

A man fell into a canal in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on Sunday (October 30). The video features images of bystanders and emergency services rescuing him, as well as dozens of curious people standing along the banks of the canal. David, the person who filmed this video, said: "I‘m here on a short break and I was just walking back to the hotel when I heard cheers. It was a pretty happy atmosphere. As I approached the edge, that’s when I noticed him in the canal. He seemed to be able to stand, so I don’t think he was in any real danger at the time". A group of Italians can be heard commenting on the fall by saying "Poor guy, he must be cold!" and "How did he end up there?". David said: "I'm not sure how this happened. I think he just had a few too many Heinekens!". Bystanders cheered, whistled, and clapped their hands as the man grabbed a cord and rescuers finally pulled him out of the water. "Officers were able to help him out. I think they’re used to this sort of thing. I didn’t stick around, but the man seemed to be perfectly fine", said the filmer.