Cup Noodles Will Be Microwavable for the First Time in 50 Years Thanks to New Cup Design

The beloved instant noodle brand used to have a styrofoam cup, requiring fans to add boiling water to the meal instead of popping the whole thing in the microwave

<p>Nissin</p> Cup Noodles Changes Cup to be Microwave-Friendly


Cup Noodles Changes Cup to be Microwave-Friendly

College students rejoice! Cup Noodles’ cup redesign means the instant noodles are able to be microwaved.

Starting in early 2024, the popular instant noodle brand is getting even more convenient. What was once a styrofoam cup will soon switch over to a paper design, making the new package microwave-and eco-friendly.

Before, Nissin’s polystyrene cup was not suitable for the microwave. Instead, fans had to pour boiling water into the noodles, cover it for 3 minutes and then stir. The styrofoam cup has been used since the product was first introduced in the U.S. in 1973.

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, the new cup will be made with 40% recycled fiber and the packaging will no longer require a plastic wrap.

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Plus, the new microwavable cup means that the quick meal is even quicker. Noodle lovers will only need 2 minutes and 15 seconds of microwaving.

The recipe for the noodles and seasoning is not changing, the brand confirmed in a press release. All flavors will feature the new cup design as it rolls out in the new year.

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In more noodle news, Eminem dropped a line of "Mom’s Spaghetti" pasta sauces on Thursday, he announced on Instagram. The rapper posted a video showing a jar falling from the sky and breaking on the ground next to a takeout container filled with spaghetti.

A single jar of Mom's Spaghetti pasta sauce sells for $13, or two jars for $25, on Orders are expected to ship on Oct. 29.

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