Cumbria Woman Pulls Hatching Egg Prank on Boyfriend

A woman from Cumbria, England, pulled off a spectacular prank on her boyfriend on June 14, using an empty egg shell to convince him he was about to witness a chick hatching.

Emma Oliver, who filmed the video, told Storyful she emptied the contents of a chicken egg and stuck her finger through the bottom to convince her boyfriend, Jordan, they were about to become “chick-rents.”

The video shows her approaching her boyfriend and telling him the egg was about to hatch. She tells him to help the ‘chick’ by peeling the egg, at which point she stuck her finger through and he realizes he’s been pranked.

“He believed it whole heartedly until my finger popped through at the end and frightened him,” she told Storyful. Credit: Emma Oliver via Storyful