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These 10 cult-favorite gadgets on Amazon will make your life so much easier — from $7

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You never knew you needed these gadgets — but you absolutely do. (Photo: Amazon)
You never knew you needed these gadgets — but you absolutely do. (Photo: Amazon)

Some of our favorite things start off as a recommendation from a friend. Whether they swear by a skincare gem, a cleaning must-have or just something to make dinner prep a little less exhausting, we rely on those in the know to give us the scoop on what really works. Now, imagine you had access to the opinions of tens of thousands of friends from all different walks of life — if that many people rally behind something, there's no way it's a dud.

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No need to join any new social media groups; instead, trust the opinions of countless Amazon reviewers. They know how to differentiate something gimmicky from something great, and chances are when hoards of them swear by something, it's the real deal. They're a discerning bunch, and you can use their knowledge to your advantage.

Scroll for some of our favorite Amazon cult-favorite finds.


iWALK Portable Charger

$29$35Save $6
$29 at Amazon

The iWalk Ultra Compact Power Bank will juice up an iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 12, 12 Pro or SE up to one and a half times on a single charge. Clip the on-page coupon for the full discount.

This battery pack is about the size of a tube of lipstick, but it charges your iPhone super-fast. Grab one today, pop it in your purse and never endure "one-percent panic" again.

"I knew as soon as I saw the packaging, I was going to be happy with this charger, and I was right!" wrote one of 12,000 five-star fans. "It had me at 'hello', you might say! Aside from charging quickly ✅ it’s compact size ✅ it’s streamlined look ✅ one of my favorite details is the integrated protective cap that keeps the charging module covered, keeping it free from dust and other junk that’s in my purse. It’s a keeper!"


dizaul 12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

$20 at Amazon

This magnifying glass comes with a special support to prop up your phone to give you a big screen display.

If you've ever considered getting a tablet just so you can stream shows with a better picture than your phone, you can stop contemplating and just add this fancy magnifying glass to your cart. This blows up the picture on your phone to 12 inches — nearly 7,000 five-star fans are already enjoying the big picture.

"I gave the Screen Magnifier to my Dad and got an added benefit - his phone is now like a tablet!" wrote an excited five-star fan. "I am the 'tech support' for my parents and between phones, TVs, streaming, tablets and every other connection, it was tough to keep them on the grid. When I realized that part of the problem was trying to duplicate items and processes from one device to another simply to get a bigger view, I ordered the Dizaul Screen Magnifier. It's fantastic!! Easy to set up and use with a great picture quality!!!"

MSC International

Fresh Stretch Pod for Lemons

MSC International
$10 at Amazon

Made for cut produce, this pod keeps lemons, onions, apples and other produce fresh.

If your fridge is home to more than a few half lemons wrapped in plastic film, this little gadget might put an end to your lemon waste. It's a container — the top is a plastic ring with stretchy silicone in the center and the bottom is plastic. The produce is placed cut side down with top stretched over the top. More than 3,000 shoppers give it a perfect five-star rating.

"I got this one and the ones for avocados and lemons," reported a rave reviewer. "I can use the big one (this one) with my half used apples. (I use apples in salads and don't always use the whole apple. They work well for other things like onions, cucumbers, etc. I like the fact that the top is stretchy, this help keep air volume down and you could put the cut side up so that the silicone stretches' over that and cuts air flow around that area. Thumbs up!"


Qooltek Laser Level

$13$25Save $12
$13 at Amazon

This level combines a tape measure, a triple-positioned leveling bubble and a laser level for precise results.

Hanging pictures? How about Halloween decorations? Getting all your decor straight is easy with the triple threat level. More than 13,000 five-star fans have perfected their gallery walls with this tool.

"If you think you don’t need this, think again," wrote a satisfied customer. "I love this little gadget. It’s so helpful and I’ve used it so many more times than I thought I would. I’m a designer so even a tiny bit of tilt to anything on the wall drives me insane. I haven’t been brought to insanity once since buying this. 5 stars all around. 👏🏻"

Souper Cubes

1-Cup Extra-Large Silicone Freezing Tray

Souper Cubes
$20 at Amazon

This tray is made specifically for freezing one cup portions of soup. It's made with BPA-free food-grade silicone and comes with a lid.

Soup season is coming up fast! If you're into making and freezing soup for future meals, this gadget allows you to freeze it in portions for easy storage and easy thawing.

"I absolutely love my Souper Cubes," reported a rave reviewer. "I bought the 1 cup size and was happy to see that there's a line inside the cube for a 1/2 cup, too. Measurements are also shown in mL. I froze vegetable broth in it last night and this morning the cubes popped out with little effort. I was very impressed. I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this product."


Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

$13$17Save $4
$13 at Amazon

This mini desk vacuum works just like a regular vacuum only at doll-size level and comes with a rechargeable battery.

If you're a neat freak, this gadget is made just for you. Designed to suck up small debris, it's meant to keep small spaces tidy and more than 2,000 rave reviewers have a spotless work space.

"Bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday since he works IT and likes his desk cleaned all the time," wrote a generous girlfriend. "Didn't think much of it at first but wow he LOVES it, he uses it every single day, only only for his desk but to clean off his shelves as well. For the price and size the suction is great for helping you keep your desk spotless, its super easy to use as well, just pop in the batteries and flip the switch on the side. It is also super easy to clean out, it comes with a small brush as well to help clean out the little vacuum."


NIIMBOT Portable Wireless Label Maker

$30$52Save $22
$30 at Amazon

This lightweight, rechargeable mini label maker connects to your smartphone to print pre-designed or custom labels. Clip the on-page coupon for the full discount.

For those of you who are obsessive about staying organized, meet your new best friend. This little label maker lets you print labels (up to 15mm wide) from your smartphone! It even lets you print your own QR codes! It's a darling among shoppers with more than 4,000 five-star reviews.

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LITTLE GADGET!!" shared an excited small business owner. "It is SO easy to use! If you want to do multiple, this has no problems and cranks them out in LESS THAN MINUTE! I appreciate this because when you’re running a small business, who has time to be messing around with with a printer? Clean, crisp tags EVERY TIME! AND You can even add your own personalized QR so customers can find you even faster than before!! I would definitely purchase this item again! Super affordable, hold a charge for a LONG TIME. I cannot say how much I adore this!"


Car Seat Headrest Hook

$7$11Save $4
$7 at Amazon

This easy-to-install car seat hook is strong enough to hold anything from your handbag to a bag of groceries.

This is such a simple product, but it makes driving so much easier. It is specially designed to hang on the back of your car seat headrest so you can hang everything from dry cleaning to groceries — more than 24,000 rave reviewers have made it part of their commuting kit.

"It is especially handy for when I get takeout and they give me a bag with handles," reported a five-star fan who calls this a 'handy little gadget.' "I can hang the bag on one of these hooks and not have to worry about spilling the food. I try to remember to keep a few plastic grocery bags in my car in case the food doesn’t come in a bag with handles. I can’t speak to the sturdiness of the hooks since I have not used them for anything heavy.


Karidge Bag Sealer

$15$22Save $7
$15 at Amazon

This bag sealer uses to heat to re-seal small bags of food like candy bars, chips, granola bars and crackers.

Say goodbye to stale chips! If you're one of those snackers who doesn't want to eat the whole bag of chips, candy bar or box of crackers in one sitting, this mini bag sealer lets you eat what you need for now and save the rest of the snack for later in its own packaging. It kind of looks like a curling iron and works like one, too. The wand heats up and when you press a bag with it, it re-seals it. More than 3,000 five-star fans have made this part of their snacking ritual.

"Most of the packages I need to seal are just the perfect size for using this sealer," reported one rave reviewer. "It warms up in a minute or less and it seals like a champ! I don’t know who couldn’t use this. This is a GREAT gift for anyone who has a kitchen, or really anyone who was packages. Heck, even good for big kids, who often leaves bags of snacks half eaten and fully opened."


Kitchen Dish Soap Dispenser

$12$16Save $4
$12 at Amazon

You only need to gently press down on the sponge to dispense the right amount of soap. It's extremely easy to use and helps cut down on soap waste.

Need help keeping the kitchen sink tidy? How 'bout reducing waste? This gadget does both.

"I love this," gushed one rave reviewer. "It looks good on the counter and I use less dish soap. Just a couple of pushes and good to go. Easy to fill and clean. I love that it has a place for the water from the sponge to drain into the holder."

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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