Cuban woman accuses late Maradona of rape

A Cuban woman told a news conference on Monday that the late Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona raped her when she was a teen two decades ago.

Mavys Alvarez, now 37, gave testimony last week to an Argentine court investigating her trafficking allegations against Maradona's former entourage linked to events when she was 16 years old.


"I was dazzled, he swept me off my feet by giving me flowers, taking me out for walks and everything was beautiful, he painted this picture. But two months passed, and everything began to change quite a lot. I mean, I loved him but hated him too. I even thought about committing suicide."

Alvarez has previously described the relationship in media interviews as consensual, but also said that Maradona had at least on one occasion forced himself upon her.

In Monday’s press conference, Alvarez said that she first met Maradona when he was treated for drug addiction in Cuba.

He was around 40 years old and she was 16.

She added Maradona raped her in the clinic in Havana where he was staying, while her mother was in the next room.

Maradona's lawyer before his death did not respond to a request for comment.

Alvarez said she wants to prevent what happened to her from happening to anyone else.

"I plan to pursue the case to help all women, all victims of trafficking, of crime, for all those who have been caught up in it.”

Alvarez said it was hard to be back in Argentina, where Maradona remains a hero to many.

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