Cuban 'healer' performs surgeries with a machete

This "healer" performs surgery with a machete

and provides unorthodox alternatives to traditional medicine

Location: Havana, Cuba

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) CUBAN HEALER, JORGE GOLIAT, ADDRESSING PATIENTS, SAYING: "Try to use a bag with camphor on top of you, from time to time, smell it and have rum once a week at least. Even after half a bottle of rum you will see that the pandemic will not enter your soul."

Jorge Goliat says he can cure anyone in 10 minutes


"120 to 150 people a day come for different surgeries. They come and leave satisfied. If they can't walk, they leave walking. If they can't move or raise an arm, they can raise it."

Goliat started healing with his machete over 30 years ago

when he says he was visited by a spirit

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) PATIENT, RICARDO RODRIGUEZ, SAYING: "When he does that with the paper and the candle he tells me everything that the scanner, the ultrasound and the x-rays could tell me. It's complete and exactly the same [...] "Seeing is believing."