Cuba Gooding Jr. denies Rodney Jones’ sexual misconduct allegations in Sean Combs suit

NEW YORK — Cuba Gooding Jr. is denying allegations of sexual misconduct from Rodney Jones, who included the actor in his bombshell lawsuit against Sean Combs.

Gooding, 56, claimed Jones is in it for the money on the Wednesday episode of the “PBD Podcast,” hosted by Patrick David-Bet.

Jones, a music producer, filed the suit against Combs in February, accusing the rapper of sexually harassing, drugging and threatening him.

The plaintiff also accused Gooding of “touching, groping and fondling” him when they met on Combs’ yacht in January 2023.

Gooding voiced shock over the allegations, saying when he met Jones at the party hosted by Combs, nothing inappropriate happened.

Jones offered to show Gooding a new Combs song on the yacht, the actor said. He said he heard the tune, left the party and “that was it.”

He offered a rambling take on federal raids earlier this year on Combs’ homes, saying, “God had got him on a path where I can’t imagine that he’s stupid enough to do whatever he’s doing and keep it on his premises.”

Last year, Gooding settled a rape lawsuit in Manhattan federal court. He was sued in November for alleged forcible kissing and groping women in Manhattan bars.