CSI: Vegas’ Matt Lauria Weighs In on Josh’s New Situation, What’s Ahead With Allie and Serena

The following contains spoilers from the March 3 episode of CBS‘ CSI: Vegas.

This Sunday night on CSI: Vegas, Josh Folsom’s professional future was left in the hands of the Las Vegas Review Board and CSI supervisor Maxine Roby. Because though Josh hadn’t killed Kahn Schefter, he did cross several lines — including expertly cleaning the scene after he and Trey spent several hours alone with the man who’d murdered Jeanette Folsom.

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In her first speech to the review board, Max touted Josh’s “impeccable track record” as her “most reliable analyst.” That said, “His most recent behavior is profoundly unacceptable,” she noted, and “no member of law enforcement, after having done any of this, could continue in their position without sanction.”

Later, Max told the review board that while she is Josh’s “harshest critic” she is also the “fiercest defender” of “one of the best CSIs i ever worked with,” and if they try to fire Josh outright, “protect does not begin to describe what I would do” in response.

Undersheriff Zhao — acknowledging that Folsom ultimately falls under Roby’s purview — announced that the CSI will be suspended without pay for a month. And when he does return to the lab, Max made clear, it will be as a Level 1 CSI. In other words, Max firmly told Josh, “You are not allowed to cross the street unless I know about it.”

TVLine spoke with Josh’s portrayer, Matt Lauria, about what Josh’s life as a Level 1 CSI will look like, what’s ahead with regards to both Allie and Serena, and more.

TVLINE | When did you first get wind that this arc was coming up for Josh? I figure it must have been about a year ago…?
Actually, I knew at the beginning of last season, by the second or third episode — or maybe it was a little later than that? We were all having lunch in somebody’s trailer and the boss [showrunner Jason Tracey] came in and was like, “Hey, do you guys want to know what happens this season?” We were like, “Yeah!” and he just kind of went through one by one and told everybody what we were getting into. It was great.

TVLINE | Coming out of this Sunday’s episode, how is Josh going react to being demoted to a Level 1 CSI? Will it be an adjustment, not being able to “cross the street” without Max’s OK?
For Josh it’s less about the professional than it is about the personal. I’ve shattered a trust [with Max, played by Paula Newsome], so what can I do to be beyond reproach and be trustworthy? How can I be perfect in a way that that helps me regain my standing with her?

Outside of that, the conflict obviously is that I’m so overqualified for the [Level 1] job and I’m used to a high degree of personal agency on the job. But, that agency is the thing that got me in trouble. It’s hard, but Josh is focused on being a team player and crossing all the Ts and dotting all the Is.

TVLINE | What has been your favorite part of this arc? Any favorite scene or moment?
I mean, it’s always fun sitting behind the glass in a jail, on the phone. [Laughs] Like, that’s one of my favorite things to do as an actor. I also always love interrogation scenes because it’s all about what’s going on on the inside, and there’s nowhere to hide.

You know, I loved the review board stuff with Max. All in all, I think the relationships have been the best part — like Chavez (Ariana Guerra) behind the glass at the jail. Allie (Mandeep Dhillon) on the steps when we’re kind of conferring about what’s to come. Serena and I having our reckoning in my apartment. And then all the beautiful stuff with Max. There’s just so much at stake, and those two are so close. Max is basically the closest to family I have and I’ve really messed it up, so those scenes have been really beautiful to play.

TVLINE | What’s coming up on the Josh-Serena-Allie front? In the next episode, Allie gets trapped by an explosion; that seems like the kind of plot device that might get Josh thinking about how strongly he feels about somebody….
This is giving a little bit away, but it’s tricky because I want to run in there and save her, but I’m placed in a really tense situation of being told I cannot run in there and I can’t break the rules. So I ask myself, is this worth getting fired over? Because it is Allie. So yeah, that’s a tough one, because obviously she’s my favorite person.

TVLINE | And will things be chilly with Serena, or will she and Josh be professionals?
I really like the direction that takes; there are some unexpected twists and turns. No, it’s not always comfortable, but they don’t stop us from working together. We have to navigate some awkward bits, but it’s really fun.

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